Conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham noticed an interesting quote from Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings about Thomas Duncan, the Liberian man hospitalized for Ebola in Dallas:

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings told News 8 that he thinks the entire city is pulling for Duncan to make a recovery.

“We’re all rooting for this guy,” the mayor said. “He’s our citizen now.”

Remember, this “citizen” lied on his health screening questionnaire in Liberia, breaking the law and putting real U.S. citizens at risk.

Selfless act to carry Ebola victim to hospital, but incredibly SELFISH to have boarded a plane to the US, having carried someone with Ebola.

— Chet Cannon (@Chet_Cannon) October 2, 2014

@mattbrud Ugh…you use your brain and sensibility and remember your DIRECT contact with Ebola, then make the decision to not fly

— Chet Cannon (@Chet_Cannon) October 2, 2014

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