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Russell Crowe says ‘Obama is the light and the future,’ throws hissy fit!/russellcrowe/status/259907945557532672 Actor Russell Crowe doesn’t endorse politicians. He only swoons over them in a cult-like fashion. Obama is “the light and the future!!11111″ Good grief. The deification of Obama is beyond creepy. Crowe continues the creep with prattling about “global awareness” and such. He’s

When Ordering Juice Instead Of Vodka

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‘LOL!’ Who’s laughing now, Hillary Clinton? We are! At this flashback snark from Andrea Tantaros –

Why the laughing? Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros offered up this Hillary Clinton zinger on Twitter: You see, this happened: Bada-zing! Flashback snark for the win. Snicker. Never gets old. And a Hillary Clinton response prediction: Yep. Time for some new moves, Hillary. Read more:

Dallas mayor celebrates Liberian Ebola patient: ‘He’s our citizen now’!/IngrahamAngle/status/519128777171820545 Conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham noticed an interesting quote from Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings about Thomas Duncan, the Liberian man hospitalized for Ebola in Dallas: Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings told News 8 that he thinks the entire city is pulling for Duncan to

‘Thank you,’ Nancy! Pelosi’s refusal to read the bill may have helped screw O-care!/CuffyMeh/status/491594508703109122 Is it really ever a good day to be Nancy Pelosi? We’re not sure. But we can safely say that today is a very bad one:!/dcseth/status/491595109444493313 This has gotta hurt: Dealing a major blow to President Obama, a federal appeals court on Tuesday ruled that subsidies

People around me keep talking, and I’m just like…

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Slam dance

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Look At All These

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This Undersea Lake In The Gulf Of Mexico Literally Kills Everything It Touches

When you hear the phrase “Jacuzzi of Despair,” what do you think of? No, it’s not an obscure 1980s horror movie (though that would be amazing). It’s actually the nickname that researchers in the Gulf of Mexico have given to a hot, toxic undersea

We Have Located The Hidden Rebel Bass…

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