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These Animals Are So Sad That Summer Is Coming To An End, And I Feel Their Pain

As much as we can try and fight it, there’s no denying that the dog days of summer are officially over. With fall quickly approaching, that means it’s time to pack away our sunscreen and beach towels, close down our swimming pools, and count

Do You Need A Ride?

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ShakeWeiner by Hillary? Iowahawk explains what should really shame Weiner!/TexMex817/status/361998533991206914 The master does it again! Never mind junk photos and “Carlos Danger” mockery. Anthony Weiner has a bigger problem about which he should be hanging his head in shame. But wait, there’s more:!/SilenceNobody/status/362174120659664897 Bada-zing! Twitter users thought they had discovered what really

I Spent My Last 500 Pounds…

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Laughing Men In Suits

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Better get full coverage tho’, cuz EVERYBODY hits them.

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Stupid Questions

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One Grandpa Kept a Secret For Years. Now It’s Out… And I LOVE It.

One man kept his hobby a secret for years. When his grandson discovered what he had been doing with all of his free time, he was dumbfounded. His grandpa had been spending hours hand-carving creations that are so detailed, it’ll make your head spin.

There’s Nobody Weirder Than Bird People

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But Thats None Of My Business

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